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About Us

SHANBRO Instrumentation is  leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Surgical Veterinary Instruments & Animals handling  equipments, serving in the field of Surgical and Veterinary instruments from last Two decads with the Aim to serve The Best Quality at affordable prices

Stainless steel Surgical and Veterinary instruments are most sophisticated feature in the modern surgery. They need to be precise, formulated from the right material, heat-treated and finished to the point in all respects.

We try our best to produce the instruments to the above specifications in order to ensure that what ever instruments are utilized,no danger accrues to the human & animals life

We are presenting this online catalogue with a hope that it would be an excellent guide to all our promoters and veterinary professionals across the globe. A modern range of surgical veterinary instruments is exhibited in this catalogue for you to choose the best and the most convenient to suit your professional needs.

Our location is in the centre of the Sialkot city in Pakistan which is known across the world for this profession and in the supply of surgical veterinary instruments.

We have deployed state of the art tools cutting egde technology & expertise whose professional approach and technical abilities  make it possible for us to acclaim the best quality  instruments.

We would always remain indebted in the support given to us by our promoters to help us in the marketing of our surgical veterinary instruments in their proximity with pride and honour.

Customer satisfaction is our Prime objective we can customize instruments according to customers drawings instructions and specifications

Through this online catalogue covers a wide range of instruments but we are open to welcome your enquiries for the instruments not listed in the catalogue .

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